Have been attempting to have rational discussions with others on the “dissident right” on telegram. I have met very few in this movement who are capable of coherent thought. The stupidity and toxicity of this movement astounds me. So many men in this movement are over grown self absorbed man-children motivated by venomous hatred — that I guarantee will lead to psychological & behavioral issues down the road (among other plights).

They are more interested in self aggrandizement and tearing others down to further bolster their colossal egos than actually addressing the issues. They have no interest in truth, no interest in real constructive solutions, no interest in intellectual growth, they just sit around bitching on the internet while shitting on anyone who disagrees with their asinine ideas and irrational behaviors. They are addicted to negative emotions and entertainment. No matter how “Pagan” or “Christian” they claim to be, their true religion is hedonism. Their true god is pleasure and relative ease, and they claim to care about their people but their behaviors prove otherwise. 

They bitch about low birth rates while so many of them are in their 30’s and 40’s and have no children. After all, how can you have children if you are not willing to sacrifice your comfort level? It’s much easier to live like a pleasure seeking degenerate while complaining about pleasure seeking degenerates. It‘s so easy to bitch about women being whores while being a whore yourself. (The cheap momentary pleasures of life never bring lasting happiness. They feel good in the moment but will rob you of the true lasting joys of fatherhood.)

It’s much easier to blame everything on the Jooz while ignoring your own destructive behaviors. So easy to be a hypocrite and not so convenient to walk the walk. I realize how cliche this sounds, but you have to BE THE CHANGE if it’s ever going to happen. Stop waiting for a savior and start being one. 

So many shekel grubbing self professed “thought leaders” (content producers) in this movement, who capitalize on the simpletons daft enough to pay them for their mediocre and uneducated musings. Be not deceived! These predatory capitalists and e-whores do not give a flying monkey turd about your well-being.
Be very skeptical of those who make money off super chats etc…

-I have never charged anyone a single cent to listen to my ideas and teachings. 

-I have always made myself available for one on one discussions free of cost. 

-I have always offered free copies of my book to those who couldn’t afford one. 

-Many of you over the years have had discussions with me via email, Skype, telegram etc. I have never charged a penny for my thoughts even though I am far more knowledgeable than any of these big time content creators (not boasting, this is just a fact). And I never will because I actually care, and this has never been about the money for me. 

I am not writing this to say “Look how good I am” or to insinuate that I am somehow “superior” to everyone else. I have my own strengths and weaknesses. But I have at least been attempting to set an example. If I have ever engaged in any of the above mentioned inconsistencies, I apologize. I am still growing, learning, evolving, just as I hope you are. 


Part of the reason I am writing this is to announce the end of RedBeardRight.com. I simply must move on, and while I still agree with the meta ethical position articulated here on this website, some other views and values expressed concerning politics have changed, and I know they no longer represent the views I hold.

Recently I have had life changing “mystical” realizations (for the lack of a better term) that have and continue to shape my views. These revelations I will call “Mystical Nihilism” for the sake of language, and I suspect that will be the title of my forthcoming book of which I am currently writing.

These experiences have caused me to begin detoxifying and simplifying my life. I am changing the way I dress, eat, and the way I treat, and relate to others — as well as the way in which I communicate. I wish I could explain these experiences in a few words, but they are simply beyond conventional classification and explication. They are non dual, and human language is by its very nature dualistic. No, I haven’t “found Jesus”, I’m not going hippy dippy or joining a monastery. To have more clarity on this revelation(?) I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for my next book and new website.

I no longer have any “ists” or “isms” to offer you. I’ve seen where my former road ends, and I cannot continue in that direction any longer.

In this new year, I feel as though I have been given a second chance, a new heart with new eyes. I see a new sun rising in the east and it’s beauty is indescribable and rejuvenating.

I understand not all of you will choose to walk with me on this new path, but I wish you only the best in life. Each of us must make choices, and these choices will define our destiny. I’ve caught a glimpse of where I was headed and I’ve seen the darkness and misery.

The futile abyss of “soul” annihilating animosity and ignorance that was eating me like a cancer, is unfortunately still devouring many in this movement if not most. No, I’m not becoming a “leftist”, no, I’m not going egalitarian. No I’m not going backwards. But there is a more positive constructive, less ignorant, non toxic, more productive, healthy way to advocate for truth. It’s time to grow up! It’s time to wake up! Real change begins within each of us if at all. That’s all we truly have any power over.

I will be leaving this site up for a little bit, to give everyone a chance to read this post. My new site is www.mysticalnihilism.org

My telegram discussion group is linked here

My telegram channel is linked here

Let this new year be a blessing, a new beginning for all of us.


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