Feminist Fragility

Fox News talk show host Tucker Carlson recently aired a segment this week concerning a disagreement within a Baltimore commission. Last fall, Julia Beck a lesbian activist was elected co-chair of the legal and policy committee of Mayor Catherine Pugh’s LGBTQ Commission, a group created with the goal of advising city officials and agencies. (Must be nice to have a committee dedicated exclusively to your group’s interests.) However soon after, Beck’s views (Truth) on men impersonating woman (Trans freaks) were revealed which frightened reality detached loonatics on the committee.

Beck stated the obvious “People who call themselves transgender women are male,” and “…there is the issue of women’s safety — in bathrooms, locker rooms and other female-only places.”

Jabari Lyles, the committee’s liaison to the LGBTQ Commission, stated that he thought Beck said painful (true) and inappropriate things (truth sounds like hate to those who hate truth) to and about transgender persons, which triggered other members on the committee to immediately relieve Julia Beck of her command, in favor of someone more politically correct (delusional).

Could Julia be a sign that the left is beginning to eat itself? One thing is for sure. It was social justice activists like her who helped empower and create this Frankenstein monster (Transgenderism). And now I have to ask, how does it feel Julia?

It looks like (at least some) left wing degenerates like herself are finally getting a dose of their own medicine. People like her deny the realities of race, but affirm the reality of sex. People like her pick and choose what biological realities they’ll accept and label everything else as “hate speech”. Just like the loonatics she criticizes she’ll deny biological differences the moment it suits her agenda and fanciful world view. Race realists have been silenced and shouted down by butch queens like her for many years now.

Jared Taylor: white advocate and race realist.

People like her don’t like men (who impersonate women) invading women’s-only spaces, but she has no issue with women invading men’s only spaces — as she nags nags nags about “toxic masculinity”.

Liberals like her don’t want whites to have the freedom of association but she wants lesbians to have freedom of association. People like her cry about “white fragility” when whites are afraid of becoming a minority in this country, while simultaneously whining about being “marginalized” by trans freaks. She, and people of her ilk deserve whatever is coming to them! It was people like her who created and enabled these monsters. People like her who painstakingly constructed the abysmal upside-down-clown-world we now witness in disgust. Now it’s coming back to bite them where the sun don’t shine. Enjoy Julia! Struggle through the putrid morass that has been vomited forth from your poisonous ideology! I hope you drown in it!

Transgender woman (male impersonating a woman) easily beats a biological female in a woman’s wrestling competition. ; )

Because of reactionary lesbian feminists like Julia, I am now going to coin a new term. “Feminist fragility”. Feminist fragility is a state in which a feminist feels threatened over even the slightest intrusion into female only-spaces; and in which she experiences emotional discomfort over having to face the consequences of her own intersectional feminist ideology.

Reap the rewards of the diversity and inclusion policies you have imposed on the rest of us! REAP IT BITCHES!

“Billy the kid” (Emilio Estevez) from the movie “Young Guns”.

3 thoughts on “Feminist Fragility

  1. “Let the cowardly and the vile die off; let them annihilate themselves; that is the logic of the spheres. The atmosphere of this terrestrial ball will be purer when these “heavy laden souls” are gone; and there will be elbow-room upon its surface for the regeneration of Purity and Cleanliness of mind and body.”- Redbeard

  2. Julia Beck is only 26 years old. I don’t think she has been around long enough o have been an active participant in the emasculation of The West that has been going on since the 1970s! So you assign way too much to blame on this pampered millineal for the loss of men’s rights. Do you really want to admit that this foolish young woman has that much power?
    Whatever she is, she is still a human being, and even though her views are obnoxious, if her life is truly in endanger from these ‘Trans- whatever acronym of the month’, then we as Civilized Men are obligated to help her!

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