Might Is Right: The Philosophy of Power.

“The Philosophy of Power has slumbered long, but whenever men of sterling worth are found, it must again sweep away the ignoble dollar-damned Pedlarisms of to-day and openly, as of old, dominate the destiny of an emancipated and all-conquering race.
What is viler than a government of slaves and usurious Jews? What is grander than a government of the Noblest and the Best – who have proved their Fitness on the plains of Death? This circling planet-ball is no navel-contemplating Nirvana, but rather a vast whirling star-lit Valhalla, where victorious battlers quaff the foaming hearts-blood of their smashed-up adversaries, from the scooped out skull goblets of the slain in never-ending war.”

– Might is Right – Ragnar Redbeard

The truism Might Is Right is an oft misunderstood concept. I have noticed that many use the phrase in reference to some kind of infantile is-ought fallacy. They think that “might is right” is some kind of normative principle. They think that to say “might is right” is to say that might is “good” in a moral sense. To move from is to ought. They will use this to deny the obviously undeniable facts of existence they find un savory and incongruent with their airy fairy ideologies.  Mean while, they rely on the very truth of might is right everyday. Everything they have, and everything they are, and indeed, their very existence is owed to this fundamental reality.

Every parking code, every piece of legislation, every property norm, and curtainly civilization itself rests on the willingness of men to commit violent acts against other men in order to impose and maintain order. Prescription demands violence because without violence prescriptions are impotent suggestions.

This is difficult for many domesticated modernized sheeple to comprehend. The average person doesn’t have to ruthlessly hunt down his food, he just goes to the Supermarket. He doesn’t have to defend himself or his friends and family, he just dials 911 and waits for the police to show up. First world Man has become a pathetic weakly docile herd animal. Mere cattle for plutocrats!

Force is the foundation of modern industry. Throughout human history, power hath ever governed the plow and all other tools of construction and cultivation.

Every acre must be fertilized with rotting corpses before it can be tilled. No one has or builds anything worth having without the brutality of conquest. All land titles were boldly written with the blood of the slain.

The sword divides the victor from the vassal. To ancient humanity this brutal wisdom was self-evident.

Hence power/ability is the basis not “objective rightness” or labor. The sword is the foundation of civilization, it decides which ideals or flavor of “rightness” will be enforced and which will be flung into the outer depths of oblivion.

Might is right in that might works. It is the means by which a desired order is imposed upon relative chaos. A broader way of looking at it is to say “power is right”. Might is the ability to use force and it is merely one subset of power. Might is a particular kind of power. And all life seeks power because it is the means by which a desired outcome is achieved. By which life preserving resources are obtained and distributed.

If you want to survive in nature you must have the ability to adapt to your environment, to hunt down and kill other organisms and appropriate them to your needs. You must be able to assimilate your environment to your telolic aims.

The term “power” does not only mean brute force or physical strength. It is also used here to denote “ability”. Power = ability. Power is the ability to achieve a given aim of desire, and the ability to “fit into” or adapt to a given state of affairs. It can mean the ability to deceive and or manipulate in order to achieve an end.

The average woman for example, is not as physically strong as the average man, but she may have the ability to use her attractiveness to manipulate and thereby influence individuals of the opposite sex. She could seduce gullible brutes with the power to put you in a pine box!

A virus is microscopic, yet this allows it to infiltrate the bloodstream of its victim and wreak havoc on an opponent of much greater size. Its “might” in this case is its lack of size.

“Might” doesn’t have to mean brute strength, although it often does.

It can mean superior training, greater intelligence, the ability to manipulate, deceive or camouflage oneself and thus have “the art of surprise.”

Nature itself is an expression of this this brutal yet sacred truth. Or as Prof Richard Dawkins put it:

“Another force driving progressive evolution is the so-called “arms-race.” Prey animals evolve faster running speeds because predators do. Consequently predators have to evolve even faster running speeds, and so on, in an escalating spiral. Such arms races probably account for the spectacularly advanced engineering of eyes, ears, brains, bat “radar” and all the other high-tech weaponry that animals display.“

– Richard Dawkins , “The Evolutionary Future of Man,” The Economist , Vol. 328, September 11, 1993, p. 87.

Let’s not delude ourselves with cozy humanitarian notions. Might is right, power is right, this is universal cosmic law! All life is in a perpetual arms race for power. Life is power/ability and all life seeks greater forms of complexity. It is in the nature of every organism to exploit its environment, and to subsume other organism under its subjective aims. This is not done out of “immortality” but because life simply is will to power. Concepts like “moral” and “immoral” are yet another means to power. Power is life itself, and every increment of power is an increment of life.

Might is Right is an immutable non negotiable fact of existence. To deny this, is to deny life itself. To accept it, and embrace it, is to say YES to life. So say yes to life! Let thy ideal, be the real!

To apologize for the sharpness of your claws, for your ability do violence, for your ability to conquer, is to apologize for success and victory. It is the rancid grotesque denial of life’s essential nature. This is what leftism is, it is a NAY saying attitude toward life. It is a cleaver inversion of life affirming values. A device developed by your enemies to control you. To make whites feel bad conscience over their own success or the success of their ancestors.

NEVER APOLOGIZE! NEVER REGRET! We Whites have conquered better than any other subspecies of man. Do not adopt your enemies negative evaluations of yourself. Instead revel in the fact that your genes were shared by the greatest conquerors to grace this planet. Dare I say god-men!

Slavery was bad? According to whom? Exploiting people in your out group is evil? By whose standards? Equality is a virtue? No! It is an abominable lie!

LET THY WILL SAY MIGHT IS GOOD! YOUR MIGHT IS RIGHT! Live a life worthy of Valhalla not Heaven!

“…be thou a Napoleon – don’t be a Christ.”

– Might is Right – Ragnar Redbeard

6 thoughts on “Might Is Right: The Philosophy of Power.

  1. I put forth a slightly updated version the infamous philosophy of power quote in my book: “The Philosophy of Power has long lain dormant, but whenever men of superlative integrity rise, it shall again annihilate the dishonorable plutocratic sophistries of modernity and openly, as in ages past, dominate in its invocation by a truly liberated, heathenized, and all-conquering legion of higher men.”- Lance Legion Miasmus (Luciferian Outlaw) “The Power-Nihilist Proclamation: A Nihilistic Luciferian Conservation of the Individual”

  2. ‪“Christs may come and Christs may go, but Caesar is forever. Gods may come and gods may go, but Prometheus is perpetual. Celestial and earthly tyrants may come and they may go, but Luciferian fire is eternal.”- The Power-Nihilist Proclamation: A Nihilistic Luciferian Conservation of the Individual

  3. Or rather, my updated version of that quote, as that one was from an older edit before I updated:

    ‪“Christs may come and Christs may go, but Caesar is forever. Gods may rise and gods may fall, but Prometheus is perpetual. Arbiters of illusion may live and arbiters of illusion may perish, but the Black Flame of Lucifer burns forevermore.” The Power-Nihilist Proclamation, Luciferian Outlaw

  4. Caesars, Shakas, Genghis Khans, Capones, Lebrons, Rhodes, Napoleons, in a word winners will be remembered and adored for eternity.

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