Expect Polical Armageddon In The Current Year!

Well, it is 2019. Can you believe it? It seems the older I get, the faster time flies. Seems like only yesterday I was in the prime of my youth, traveling the world in search of adventure.

I must admit that I am having a little trouble coming to terms with the fact that I will be 39 in 6 months. Still haven’t found any grey strands, and I still have no need of reading glasses, and am still in decent health. All things I am deeply greatful for. It is important to number ours days, and to savor every day as if it were our last. Tomorrow is never guaranteed at any age.

What can we expect in the current year?

Of course there will be more of the same, but given how polarized politics has become since the election of Donald Trump, I think we can reasonably expect even more violent clashes between antifa and basic bitch republican types. Due to the C’ville catastrophe, I doubt the alt right will be holding college tours or public demonstrations this year.

Will Trump pull off another another election heist in 2020? Was his 2016 election victory a mere electoral fluke? Unfortunately, I suspect that it was. I think the Democrat party has learned from its mistakes and I suspect it will have a more effective strategy this time around. One thing is for certain, you can expect more political street violence and even more polarization. The fact that Hilary won the popular vote in 2016, should give one pause to reflect concerning the level of ignorance and stupidity of the average voter, and of just how far left the average voter has become. Given the fact that the snow flake left has been indoctrinating young minds via Hollywood, the media, and educational institutions for decades; that now more than ever Americans have become government dependent, and given the fact of America’s increasing non white demographics, I’m not confident Trump will win this time. The election of Donald Trump may very well have been the last gasp of a desperate white America. And it is clear, that it was too little too late.

I have a gut feeling that the Republican Party will either become marginalized or will lean further and further left in an attempt to compete electorally. What other option will it have? In other words, the Republican Party will do what it has always done, and cuck left to save its own ass.

America is demographically doomed! There is no easy political solution. Even if Trump wins in 2019,  even if he were to catapolt every non white illegal back from whence they came, this would not change the fact that whites will be a minority by 2045 because not enough whites are reproducing at replacement levels. In the current year Normies will continue to worry about “muh borts”, “muh guns”, and “muh constitution”, but most of them will never allow themselves to care about their own race (at least publically) lest they be labeled “Nazis”. They are simply too herd like and thus too petrified to risk becoming social pariahs. They are practically useless cowards. And let’s face it, cowardice is the reason normies exist in the first place.

If Elizabeth Warren, or Bernie Sanders, or Corey Booker, or Kamala Harris win the presidency you can kiss your free speech, and your gun “rights” good bye. No Republican politician is going to stick his political neck out for you! And with the left taking the House and the presidency, there would be little they can do. I suspect the Supreme Court will also prove itself largely un-reliable as they will continue to concern themselves more with presedence over constitutionality.

This year, I believe we will see even more social media censorship of conservatives and alt right personalities. Due to Trumps first electoral victory,  the Left has learned just how powerful social media can be. I suspect they will desperately attempt to control the narrative with even more furvancy than last time. Expect ever more intense seething Trump derangement syndrome to emanate from every mainstream news cite (with the exception of Fox news).

Expect political Armageddon!

What can we do?  Well, persons of whiteness could just go on strike. Quit their jobs and go on welfare until the parasites craw back to where they slithered from or starve to death. I think it would be more effective than a government shut down. #whitestrike. However, this seems like a less tenable solution because the critical mass of white participants needed for said feat would be far too numerous to be a realistic option.

As I have stated else where, whites must concentrate themselves in a particular geographic location. Somewhere that is at least 90% white, and that is not land locked. My recommendation is for whites to begin a mass migration to New Hampshire. Once here, racially aware whites must get involved in local politics. They must start businesses and hire other racially aware folks like themselves. They must get themselves elected to town and city councils, run for sheriff etc. They must not larp as nazis but present themselves as “reasonable” to those who already inhabit NH. They must infiltrate and permeate everything, everywhere. They must start by concentrating themselves and creating small regional pro white pockets thoughtout the state. And eventually down the road they must seek secession from the the United States.

If you live in a diversity Hell hole like California or New York and are hoping to make a difference then you are a damned fool! You are out numbered and haven’t a prayer of salvaging such places. No! The white vote must be consolidated. You are simply far too marginalized in such places.

There is no other way out folks. America is lost, and you can’t save it! You are never going to convince enough normies to adopt your values, and the hostile mud creatures are not going to voluntarily deport themselves. They will continue to vote themselves more political power, and more of the fruits of white civilization. They will continue to breed at an exponential rate and there is nothing you can do to stop the demographic turd slide.

Don’t worry so much about trying to red pill your fellow white people, many of them are inseparable from the anti white system. They are too far gone, too comfortable, and many of them are quite frankly not worth saving.

So! Let there be no more infantile delusions about saving America. Now is the time to get serious and put some skin in the game. Resolve thyself to move to NewHampshire ASAP. Let this be your New Years resolution. Time is running out. The only viable solution is for America to Balkanize.

The Orange man in office is not your Christ! If all you do is vote for Trump, and post dank memes on Facebook, then you are apart of the problem. Come be apart of the solution in the current year. I am already here. Come join the white state project.

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  1. So now that we are in October of 2019 and looking back at the year, what are your thoughts about some specific incidents?

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