A Response To More Christ Cuckery

“Whatsoever a people believeth shall make it free, enslave it or corrode its very marrow in strict accordance with natural order.” – Might is Right – Ragnar Redbeard

In this article I will be responding to yet more cheap dime store sophistry vomited up by a Christ cuck on faceburg.

This darling specimen read my article entitled “CHRISTIANITY IS METAPHYSICAL COMMUNISM!” ( linked here  )  and decided to respond via faceburg comments on a Brett Stevens post. If you have yet to read said article, I suggest you do so first before reading this one. Otherwise, you may not fully comprehend his responses and my rebuttals.

Now let us begin our dissection of his Christ cuckery!

Christer: “P1:  All humans are equal before God, who is all just, all powerful, all knowing, etc.  Yes, to Him we are all insignificant.  Creator of the universe versus a bunch of people who can barely balance a checkbook.  Yeah . . . equal.”

Me: According to the NT all humans are created in the image of Gawd and are therefore equal in worth and significants. 

Christer: “P2:  They are equal in the afterlife before God, not in this life as you already made clear by the distinction Christians make between man and woman.  But there is also the acknowledgement of Caesar and giving him his due, the establishment of kings, priestly caste, etc.  No Earthly equality between men expected whatsoever.”

Me: Again, as stated in the article,  Christianity is “meta physical” egalitarianism when it comes to humans. As I stated in the article Christians contend that men and women are of equal moral worth and status. Therefore Christianity is egalitarian. 

Christer: “P3:  Not just the entire world.  The entire universe.  Yes, the Creator of the whole damn thing is the God of the whole damn thing, not just a couple of peninsulas on the western end of one supercontinent on one planet in one galaxy.  Sorry, but that’s the logical conclusion once you acknowledge that some entity put the laws of physics into motion the entire universe operates by.”

Me: Never claimed he wasn’t if the NT were true. It isn’t. God doesn’t exist. 

Christer: “P4-8:  So do you really think St. Paul believed there was no difference between men and women or do you think he was being metaphorical about the afterlife and our standing before God?  Also, have you ever noticed that in nearly 2,000 years of Christianity no one ever expected the distinction between Irishman and Greek, Frenchman and Dane, or Italian and Russian to just dissolve?  Those nationalities or the tribes they were before they became the nations we know today were allowed to exist, persist, and form in culturally distinct ways as they pleased, all under the eyes of the Church.  No problem with that at all.  It was modern political communism, which the Church was the chief enemy of until recently, that sought and still seeks to dissolve these distinctions.  “All are one” is not another way of saying “All are equal” in the material sense. Centuries of Christian history demonstrates how incorrect this statement is.”

Me: Again, in my article, I never claimed that Christianity denied biological differences. Nor did I contend that Christianity was opposed to nations, and tribal identities on earth per se. However, as I stated in my article, race, and other earthly distinctions are deemphasized and deemed un important to a certain extent. This is because Christianity is an other worldly religion. It doesn’t care about your body, or what flag you wave, it is only concerned with your beliefs and the destination of your soul. I made this very clear in the article. Did you read the entire thing?  

Christer: “P9-11:  This is true.  Everyone who follows God’s laws is acceptable to Him according to Him.  Just as there are universal laws of physics we run our world on, there are universal laws of behavior that, when obeyed, lead to successful civilizations.  Break those laws and your civilization will collapse.  And ours will soon because of our disobedience to these laws.”

Me: There is no Gawd, and there is no such thing as a “moral law”. Moral realism is untenable ( See my book on meta ethics linked here ).

Now it is true that certain actions tend to produce certain desired and un desired actions in particular circumstances. This isn’t morality, it’s just consequentialist physics. If a doctor can rape a paintent without her or anyone finding out, if he can do so with impunity, and if it be his desire, why ought he not do so? This fact may be objectionable to you, but reality doesn’t give a flying shit about your feelings.

Christer: “P12:  I’ll try to keep my criticism of that syphilitic, childless whoremonger to a minimum, but he clearly wanted to blame Christianity here.  He was a product of his time; and yes the Church was already well on its way to decline in the 19th century.  Like so many today he was mad at the Church and God because Earth daddy made him visit sky daddy and sky daddy didn’t delver the Earthly goods he prayed for.  Infantile. “ 

Me: Actually your criticism of Nietzsche is quite infantile. You are simply committing an adhom abusive, and an appeal to motive fallacy. The motives behind his critiques of Christianity are irrelevant to their validity or invalidity. The truth or falsity of his propositions are in no way contingent upon his motivations for writing them. Ain’t logic a bitch!

Christer: “The corrosion that led us to the equality addiction we all suffer through today can’t possibly be the fault of Christianity if for 1500 years under Christianity this wasn’t an issue, save for a few pockets here and there which were quickly dealt with – harshly.  No, the equality addiction comes from abandoning the laws outlined by God and His Church.  If it’s okay for 16th century nobles to claim equality to the Church then naturally it’s okay for the Third Estate to claim equality to the nobles.  And further down the road it’s okay for the laborer to claim equality with the Third estate and later for the barbarian invader to claim equality with the laborer.  The equality rebellion wasn’t started by Christianity it was started by those entrusted with protecting the Church and then stabbing her in the back.”

Me: No, sorry, but political egalitarianism is derived from Christian egalitarianism. “Equality of souls before god” is the origin of “all men were created equal” and “equality before the law” etc. It is certainly no coincidence that every former Christian nation has now resulted in an egalitarian nightmare.

Christer: “No, the equality addiction comes from abandoning the laws outlined by God…”

Me: No, I’m afraid the laws outlined in your insipid Judaic texts are saturated with slave moralism like “love thy neighbor as thyself”,  “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and “turn the other cheek” etc. Such phrases presuposes equality, otherwise, if another isn’t equal to me in value, why would I treat him the same as myself? If I want what is his, and can take it (without undesired consequence) why ought I not do so?

As Redbeard so eloquently put it; “Is the Golden Rule a rational rule? – Is it not rather a menial rule – a coward rule – a best-policy rule? Why is it ‘right’ for one man to do unto others as he would have others do to him and, what is right? If ‘others’ are unable to injure him or ‘do good’ to him, why should he consider them at all? Why should he take any more notice of them than of so many worms?” – Might is Right – Ragnar Redbeard

Egalitarianism didn’t infest the West because people stopped obeying your Jew on a stick! Such daft attempted explanations are reminiscent of “it doesn’t rain because we stopped feeding the valcano god fresh virgins.” The west is screwed because people like you are mental trilobites and ideologically blinded by Christ kikery! Indeed, equalitarian horseshit is imbedded deep into the very fibers which compose your life denying religion.

Christer: “The passages from The Acts of the Apostles is completely lacking in context.  Jesus had recently told them that He would come soon in judgement, destroy the temple, etc.  And He said these things would come to pass soon, in fact some of them would see these events come to pass (The Roman legions indeed did descend upon Jerusalem, destroyed the temple utterly, and over the course of that war and two others pretty much eliminated Judaism from the world stage for a thousand years).  They were in a state of emergency.  They weren’t trying to set up a hippie commune like in 1960s California.  They were trying to spread the message of Jesus’s coming to the lost tribes of Israel, who were scattered throughout the Roman empire, as quickly as they could.  This required a huge missionary effort.  Wives and kids of the apostles and disciples had to be left behind and provided for.  They knew they were going to be persecuted for what they were about to do by both the Romans and the Jews, who were feeling strong enough at that time to take on Rome.  Pretty ballsy.  This had absolutely NOTHING to do with establishing a proto-commie paradise here on Earth.”

Me: Actually, the passages illustrate perfectly the Christian ideal as a willful communism where greed is a sin. Where conflict is “evil” and pathological altruism is good. Turn the other cheek non sense.

No, the passages in Acts and others I’ve cited do not show that Christianity is political communism, but that’s not my argument. Of course the NT doesn’t push political communism or state communism. The NT teaches man’s total inability to conform to Christian principles on his own. But it does reveal that in Christianity’s ideal world, willful communism would be practiced. We know this because the Christians in acts who were purportedly under the influence of the “Holy Spirit” practiced extreme voluntary wealth redistribution.

Christer: “Christianity does demonize human nature (Original Sin) and it’s correct about that; not because it falls short of the egalitarian standard but because it falls short of the glory of the King of Kings and His perfection.” 

Me: God’s standards as articulated by the NT are egalitarian you moron. And “perfect” according to whose subjective standard? In the context of whose subjective goals? Perfect for what? So then, you fully admit that just like leftism Christianity demonizes human nature. That (((Christianity))) is a supreme disdain for life.  

Christer: “We simply are not worthy, to use a Wayne’s World -ism.” 

Me: What? 

Christer: “This will probably be dismissed by you as slave mentality.  I see nothing wrong with men and woman being realistic about their standing in the universe and before God.”

Me: Yes. It is pure slave mentality. You’ve cucked yourself to a Gawd myth concocted by some ancient Semitic goat fuckers. In your feable slavish mind, you are only worth what some kike dictator in the sky decides you’re worth. You have no self respect. You prostrate yourself before the subjective opinions of ignorant inbred desert chimps. You are not a man but a born thrall! Pathetic cuckery! 

“Christ’s Ethics are for creeping things–

true manhood smiles at “God”.

He abdicates his inherent royalty who bends before any human being or any human dogma but his own.
Humbleness is a crime in a man though it may be a virtue in a menial. The “modest” man permits his rivals to occupy all the High Places and make him their footstool – nay, their very doormat.”

— Might is Right — Ragnar Redbeard

Christer: “All of this Will to Power talk, like with Nietzsche, is bravado.  I’ve been in this movement a long time.  I’ve seen more projects and efforts to unify fall apart than I can count.  Why?  Because of this Might is Right/Will to Power garbage.  No one knows how to bend the knee.  It’s not even part of their vocabulary.  They’re all a bunch of mini-gods in their own minds who don’t even really believe what they espouse.”

Me: False. Most people are mediocre slavish herd animals not “mini gods”. You are a prime example of this fact. You haven’t been paying attention. 

Christer: “Might is right?

Right now a bunch of Africans and Arabs are raping your women because they can.  Is that right?

Right now and bunch of tech titans are digitally disappearing you and guys like you for speaking out against this rape epidemic because they can.  They have the power and you don’t.

How’s that Might is Right stuff working for you?  Clearly you have no problem with it.  They’re only doing what you think is right.  Right?” 

Me: Your questions illustrates your profound ignorance concerning the meaning of Might is right or will to power. If Gawd existed and Christianity were true, he would be the ultimate expression of Might is right, and will to power. 

Might is Right means that power/ability is the means by which goals and desires are actualized. Which is why all life, seeks power/ability/might. Might is Right is not the silly is ought fallacy you paint it to be. Even if your slave religion were true, Might would be right, in the sense that it is Might that wins battles, not “moral goodness”. 

Doesn’t matter who does or doesn’t like Might is right, Might is still right in that it works. The fact that soldiers and police exist, proves that might = right. All else is error!

“Human rights and wrongs are not determined by Justice, but by Might. Disguise it as you may, the naked sword is still king-maker and king-breaker, as of yore. All other theories are lies and lures.”

– Might is Right – Ragnar Redbeard

Christer: “Here’s the truth.  White Western man will die out unless he learns to bend the knee before God made Man – Jesus, His Laws, His Church, His bishops, and the men He appoints with enough courage to raise an army and fight for everything and every one in this short list.  A little humility and courage conquered the world once for Western man and we called this Christendom.  It can do so again.” 

Me: Here’s the facts ma’am! Your Jew savior on a stick doesn’t exist. Your Jew religion is false, and your slave morality is toxic. If western man doesn’t ditch Christian kikery and embrace the true nature of life and existence, he will continue to suffer from pathological altruism and bad conscience until he is but one more fossil hidden in the dirt.

“Truly, there is a way which seemeth right unto a people, but the ends thereof are the ways of death.
Sound the loud timbrel,
O’er lands and o’er waves;
The Israelite triumphs!
The nations are – graves.

In actual operation Nature is cruel and merciless to men, as to all other beings. Let a tribe of human animals live a rational life, Nature will smile upon them and their posterity; but let them attempt to organize an unnatural mode of existence an equality elysium, and they will be punished even to the point of extermination.” – Might is Right – Ragnar Redbeard

Me: As I have pointed out in my article, Christianity clearly shares many core values and ideals with communism and other secular ideologies like socialism, libertarianism, volunaryism etc. It’s all baseless slave morality. All reality detached lunacy.

23 thoughts on “A Response To More Christ Cuckery

  1. Very good. Regarding the phrase “Might is Right,” I actually had an exchange almost identical to this one recently when someone said pretty much the same thing the Christer above said concerning the phrase, and Nietzsche was brought up as well. My response was similar:

    Many assertions against the statement “Might is Right” illustrate profound ignorance and assumptions concerning the meaning of Might is Right or The Will to Power. If God existed and Christianity were true, he would be the ultimate expression of Might is Right, and The Will to Power. If the figure of Lucifer Morningstar really existed, he too would be the ultimate expression of Might is Right and The Will to Power as he had the will to challenge the authority of a being whom he saw as an arbitrarily moralistic tyrant enforcing preferences that were merely subjective, not objective. No matter how powerful that being may be, Lucifer had his own will to power to challenge that being, and his disregard of the consequences of doing so is itself a form of power, might, and ability. In doing so, he was cast out and made his own kingdom by smashing the slave values of the tyrant and creating master values anew.

    Might is Right simply means that power and ability are the means by which goals and desires are achieved, actuated, and brought to fruition. This is why all life seeks power, ability, and might. “Might is Right” is not the is-ought or naturalistic fallacy many misconstrue it to be. Even if the slave moralist religion of Christianity or slave morality of various political ideologies were true, might would still be right in the sense that it is might, ability, power, and will that wins battles, not “moral righteousness.” If one is fighting an opponent stronger than himself, then he must posses the will to power to conquer his would be oppressor, for Might is Right, but it can also be said that Right requires Might, as these two statements are not mutually exclusive it seems to me. One must have the power (ability and will) to win before drawing the sword. One can reject the phrase “Might is Right” but it doesn’t matter because it is still empirically true and observable based on tangible human experience. Might is still Right in that it works in a descriptive, empirical sense. The fact that soldiers and police exist, that nations and societies are conquered, that living organisms are mercilessly extinguished for the personal gain of the extinguisher, and that one living being takes the life of another because they have the will to do so proves that Might is Right. All else is error!

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    1. Thanks. I write whenever I have the inspiration and time. Hope you benefit from my writings. Much love to my readers. Stay strong, never give up the fight.

  3. I’ll immediately grab your rss as I can’t find your email subscription link or newsletter service. Do you have any? Please let me know so that I could subscribe. Thanks.

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