A Bleeding Heart Assaileth Not!

An important factor in achieving mental maturity is realizing that no one “owes” you shit. People don’t get what they “deserve” they just get what they get.

Part of growing up mentally, part of becoming an adult, is learning how to take constructive criticism, facing your faults and making the necessary corrections. Ideally, this isn’t a one time event, but a process of personal evolution that continues throughout one’s life. When this process is stifled, we end up with adults who think like self entitled brats.

An all too real world example of this, is the left’s manipulation of non white communities via strategic narratives.  The left likes to stir up resentment by selling brown folks the narrative that white people owe them something.

The narrative is basically that white people’s achievments are made possible only by oppressing brown people. If a black man is illiterate and broke, it’s because racist whitie has oppressed him. Whatever the greedy white devil has achieved, he has achieved at the expense of the noble brown savage.

The fact that blacks have disproportionately higher violent crime rates and staggeringly low academic achievements is — you guessed it… All the white man’s fault.

Every cult needs a bogey man, some personification of “evil” to be unified against. The successful cis white male, has ever been the left’s Satan.

Of course this is an easy sell, because it allows non whites to shirk responsibility for their own failings. And it allows them to feel “justified” when demanding tax payers subsidize their degenerate parasitic life styles.

This “everyone owes me” attitude is useful for the Democrat party, because it allows the left to keep expanding the welfare state, and thereby perpetuates and increases dependency on the left’s “gibs me dat” programs for their subsistence. And it therefore provides leftist politicians with a reliable stream of voters.

One of the most clear examples of this childish attitude presented itself in 2013, in the case of Angel Yulee Adams, a woman with 17 children by 3 different fathers. This detestable negress was jobless, living off welfare programs, and hand outs from dysgenic Christer charities. She demanded “Somebody needs to pay for all my children” and of course it never dawned on her, she was that “somebody”.

Clearly, she was emersed in the delusion that white tax payers “owed” her everything cause “muh enslaved ancestors” or some such bs.

Domestication is the process by which an organism becomes dependent upon another for its survival. It is the way in which one is made another’s “pet” and this is exactly what the left wants, it wants an easily controlled and manipulated population of livestock. And it is relatively easy to achieve this goal with lower IQ populations.

This is another reason the left, has been, and is still trying to flood white countries with low IQ brown people. They want to replace YOU with dependent herd animals, and they have been selling these people with the narrative that ”whitie owes them gibs”.

If whites are to survive this seemingly endless mudslide of brown invaders, we must disinsentivize these people’s parasitic behaviors. We must inform them, that no one, including us, owes them a damn thing! That they are not “owed” access to European civilization and the fruits thereof.

If rats and insects invade your kitchen, it is because you have left free food laying around. Clean the kitchen and they will no longer have a reason to form chow lines on your counter top.

Normie republicans don’t care if the roaches invade, as long as they do so through the front door. They don’t care if the little beasties take over, as long as they share “muh values”. A big reason for this, is that most republicans are Christers, and Christianity doesn’t care about race, it only cares about beliefs and saving souls for the big crucified Jew in the sky. It is a “spiritual egalitarianism”.

Finally, we must be cold, hard, and resolute, for a bleeding heart assaileth not the poisoned tipped darts of thine enemy. 

We must tell France to take back their stupid statue! (Or make ze Jews take it). We do not want the “poor huddled masses”, and we are not the world’s “wretched refuse” depository! We actually have standards and self respect.


These people are not our responsibility. We are only responsible for ourselves and our own people. We are not the world’s keeper!

Fuck your so called “human rights” and your self entitled doca brats and kick rocks!

If I were Trump, I’d set up mini guns at the border Terminator 2 style.

Hasta la vista mother fuckers!


One thought on “A Bleeding Heart Assaileth Not!

  1. When you look around, and see how leftist ideology has permeated into corporate culture, it is far leftist who are benefiting from a capitalist system, and using it to undermine individuality. They use the concept of “free speech” to say that any non-leftist should not have it. In a socialist dialectic, it is any non-leftist working class (proletariat) that are being oppressed by the elitist, rich class (left wing politicians, limousine liberals, champagne socialists, and trust fund hipster types) and indeed the only way to win at this point is to use their tactics against them. The objection to this is “Then we are no better or different than they are”……I find that objection unsound, as you are already different in that you have a different set of values you are fighting for. But what good are your principles if you are dead, or live in a society where you cannot act or abide by those principles due to the ruling zeitgeist or paradigm that suppresses those principles? Having principles, beliefs, or convictions, without a will to enact upon them, is pointless and you end up with a set of values or (subjective) morality that is completely impotent.

    So, no matter what tactics you use to win, you will never “be like them” as you have different values and in essence, leftism is slave morality, rightism (in most forms) is master morality as I see it. Just some possible thoughts. Also, I suggested a discussion on the value (or disvalue) of compassion, and should one grant it to another who doesn’t reciprocate it.

    I called myself a libertarian at one point, and I will always deep down identify with the tenets of liberty, but over the past couple of years I have come to realize that liberty, like compassion, is not a universal value. It is conditional, and it only works when it is reciprocated. I say, since the left doesn’t care about the liberty of non-leftists, then to hell with their liberty. They count on their opposition to play “good,” while they play dirty. They count on their opposition to deprive themselves of the means by which they (the left) can be defeated. Essentially, the left are neo-liberals in that they support capitalism (as a neo-liberal does) but only when it bends the knee in acquiescence (as capitalism has done) to far left moral dogma. They will use this power to deprive non leftists of a voice, and destroy anyone who challenges them by attacking them socially, culturally, economically, politically, physically, and any other way they can. Hence why I say, the time for compassion in any for for these people is over. To hell with their “rights.” For it is might, will, power, and ability that wins battles and wars, not “moral righteousness.” I care not for the “rights” of anyone who is an enemy.

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