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“I have asked this before, or I think you covered it before, and in some videos. But asking directly: when someone calls you a racist, sexist, phobe etc., how do you personally react?”

The above is a question frequently asked by those who follow my work so I would like to answer it publically here.

There are many potential responses one could have toward the charge of racism. If you say “No, I’m not a racist,” then you are, like your leftist opponent, assuming that racism is an “evil”; you reveal that you share their negative attitude or beliefs about racism, and thus that you assume their value premises.

Basic bitch Normies are susceptible to the charge of racism, because the leftist and the normie right winger both assume that racism is an “ought not.” That is, they share many of the same core values and ideals.

How one ought to respond depends on one’s goals and whether one is being asked or accused.

If you are dealing with a sincere questioner, It might be prudent to ask “What is your definition of the term racism?” If they define “racism” as “power + privilege” or some such nonsense, then I will reject their definition and ask why they are assuming everyone ought have equal power? And why they are assuming “white privilege” is something that ought not exist?

However, most of the time it has been my experience that to the leftist, a racist is one who knows forbidden facts about race. Yes, that’s right, any fact the lefty ideologue finds offensive and destructive to their cherished Welt·an·schau·ung is raaaaaacist. The leftist loves to think of  herself as holding beliefs which are based in science, but just like the average bible thumping wingnut, she will fling it under the bus the moment it becomes inconvenient to her egalitarian sensibilities.

Again, how I respond depends upon who I am talking to. Definitions are important because they allow one to avoid misunderstandings, and arguing past the person they are conversing with.

In my experience, the term racism is merely an accusation, an invective, a fiery dart the leftist employs to assassinate political rivals. The same goes for words like “white supremacist” or “neo Nazi” etc.

But again, this tactic only works on the fools who share the lefts basic core principles and beliefs. The normie republican hates “racism” because he’s a Christer who thinks we are all of equal value because we were all “created in the image of God”. He therefore hates any scientific reality that would contradict his “spiritual egalitarianism,” his “muh equality of souls before God”. Or in more extreme cases the Republican rejects race realism because he is a 6,000 year creationist who thinks Gawd put dinosaur fossils in the ground to test our faith etc.

When the accusation of racism is hurled at me, I often respond by saying something like “That’s not an argument, your point?”.

The bottom line is, it really isn’t that important, but let me give you this word of wisdom. Never apologize to a leftist; if you give them an inch, they’ll take a mile.

Only apologize to people you actually care about, people who actually care about truth and your well-being. Not because you’ve done something “wrong”, but because you care about their feelz.

You cannot satisfy an outrage mob. They’re going to try and lynch you regardless how many concessions you make.

Another way to respond, is something like “I don’t share your subjective dislike of racism, your feelings mean nothing to me. Please go emote somewhere else”.
They will always call you a racist, Nazi, fascist etc. You are whatever they say you are.

So, you might as well own it, make it a heavy metal song and head bang to it. Running from it, denying it, will cause them to do it more.

Your big brother will incessantly push your buttons as long as doing so creates the responses that entertain him. If a shark smells blood, there will soon be more sharks. When a domestic house cat punctures the skin of a captured rodent, its squeaks of agony entice the feline to continue sadistically wounding its prey. Be like the cat, not the mouse. Never allow a leftist to put you on defense.

You get the point.

Most leftists don’t give a rat’s ass about logic, or your well-being, so just troll the shit out of them, use their same tactics against them. Save argumentation and sincerity for people smart enough to be worthy of your time and energy.

The leftist isn’t waiting to hear your eloquent reasoning as to why their accusations are unfounded. Their accusations aren’t genuine propositions to be accepted or rejected, but thrusting verbal daggers meant to assinate your character. They want to hear the screams of a defenseless field mouse, instead, show them that they have poked the Bear.

Very few care about truth, the rest, are our chew toys for our own personal amusement. Most of them aren’t even human, or more accurately, they are human, all too human. NPCs meant to make the game a little more entertaining.

  1. Anti racism: the demonization of human nature, and the negative attitude toward white people that have a preference for their own in—group, and thereby exclude other races.
  2. A negative attitude towards whites that are not self abasing and are not ashamed (guiltlessness, aka a lack of “bad conscience”) of the success and victories of their ancestors.
  3. A negative attitude toward whites who would deprive non whites the fruits of white western civilization. Toward those who would deprive the parasitic organism from its host.
  4. A denial of evolution via natural selection when it comes to group differences in IQ and the heritability of IQ because intelligence is highly valued in society. And because IQ averages are a reliable, proven predictor of  social status, economic success, and violent crime averages within a given genetic population. And because if IQ is heritable then it becomes difficult to blame Europeans instead of taking responsibility for your own failings.
  5. In the case of non-whites, anti racism often expresses itself as a form of jealousy and resentment, and a desire to over power—to inflict the very same tyranny they claim to suffer under. In a few words…. will to power.In WP §784, Nietzsche wrote that “one desires freedom so long as one does not possess power.” He stated that, “once one obtains equality ‘equal power,’ one will desire to overpower.”
  6. Anti racism assumes such value premises as “Boo inequality,” “Boo hierarchy,” “boo exceptionalism,” “boo strength,” “yay inclusivity,” “boo exclusivity.”

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  1. Yes, very good stuff. Since morality is subjective and non-binding, there is no moral obligation to grant the left the free miracles of their value premises. They don’t give a damn about our “liberties,” so to hell with theirs. Rights themselves are nothing more than subjective mental constructs anyway. They don’t exist externally to us, they are only “protected” by Might.

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