The Philosophy of Power (Condensed)

“How did government of man by man originate? By force of arms. Victors became rulers.
But among US government by force is abolished? That is a popular delusion. It is stronger than ever.

How is it that we do not see it clearly? No need of compulsion with inferiors ever eager to obey.

How can the Mastership of man be destroyed? It can never be destroyed. It is essential.
But for one man to reign over another is wrong? What is ‘wrong’? The Strong can do as they please.
Who are the ‘Strong’? They who conquer. They who take the spoils and camp on the battlefield. All life is a battlefield.


How did subjectiveness originate?
The first slave was a defeated fighter, afterwards tamed by hunger and blows. His descendents being born and trained to submissiveness are more tractable. All the Servile Classes are posterity of beaten battlers.
Then vassalage still flourishes as of yore?
Certainly. In the pitiless strife for existence, all weaklings and feeble-minded persons are justly subordinated.
But we are taught “all men are created equal”? You are taught many a diplomatic Lie.
How can a slave recover his liberty?
By re-conquering his conqueror. If he feels that he is not man enough then he MUST submit, cut his own throat or die fighting unsubdued.

But freedom may be granted to him?
“Freedom cannot be granted, it must be taken”.
Then Strife is perpetual, inevitable, nay, glorious? Yes! It is intended as an ordeal, a trial by combat. It unmistakably divides the guilty from the non-guilty.

But that is a harsh philosophy?
Nature is harsh, cruel, merciless to all unlovely things. Her smile is only for the Courageous, the Strong, the Beautiful and the All-Daring.

You have no comfort for the “poor and lowly”, the “innocent ones”, the “downtrodden”. The poor and lowly are a creeping pestilence – there are no innocent ones, and the downtrodden are the justly damned – sinners in a hell they’ve made.
You praise the Strong, you glorify the Mighty ones? I do. They are Nature’s noblemen. In them she delights: the All-Vanquishers! the Dauntless Ones!”

– Might is Right – Ragnar Redbeard