The higher law

“From Sandy Hook to London tower
From Jaffa to Japan,
They can take who have the power
They may keep who can.
This is the law of Heaven and Hell
Stupendous and divine;
The highest, holiest law of all
That governs “mine and thine”.
The law it is of Sun and Star,
Of President and Pope –
It is “the prisoner at the bar”
The gallows and the rope.
It is the lawyer and his fee;
The shearer and his sheep –
The eagle soaring swift and free;
The Dreadnaught on the deep.

It is the Bond; it is the Loan –
The profit and the loss –
The usurer on his Bullion Throne –
The Idol of the Cross.
It is the Goth; it is the Hun –
The tyrant and his prey,
And flame and saber, club and gun;
O, taxes that we pay!
It is the law of all the climes,
And all the things to be;
And all the bold tremendous times
That you and I shall see.
From Sandy Hook to London tower,
From Greenland to Japan –
They will take who have the Power
And they may keep who can.”

– Might Is Right – Ragnar RedBeard