RedBeard’s Beatitudes

“Blessed are the Strong for they shall possess the earth Cursed are the Weak for they shall inherit the yoke.

Blessed are the Powerful for they shall be reverenced among men – Cursed are the feeble for they shall be blotted out.

Blessed are the Bold for they shall be masters of the world – Cursed are the Humble for they shall be trodden under hoofs.

Blessed are the Victorious for victory is the basis of Right – Cursed are the Vanquished for they shall be vassals for ever.

Blessed are the battle-blooded, Beauty shall smile upon them – Cursed are the Poor-in-Spirit, they shall be spat upon.

Blessed are the Audacious for they have imbibed true wisdom – Cursed are the Obedient for they shall breed Creeplings.

Blessed are the iron handed, the unfit shall flee before them – Cursed are the haters of battle, subjugation is their portion.

Blessed are the Death defiant, their days shall be long in the land – Cursed are the feeble brained, for they shall perish amidst plenty.

“Blessed are destroyers of false hope, they are true Messiahs – Cursed are the God-adorers, they shall be as shorn sheep.

Blessed are the Valiant, for they shall obtain great treasure – Cursed are the believers in Good and Evil, for they are frightened by shadows.

Blessed are they who believe in Nothing – never shall it terrorize their minds – Cursed are the ‘lambs of God’, they shall be bled ‘whiter than snow’.

Blessed is the man who hath powerful enemies, they shall make him a hero – Cursed is he who “doeth good” unto others, he shall be despised.

Blessed the man whose foot is swift to serve a friend, he is a friend indeed – Cursed are the organizers of Charities, they are propagators of plagues.

Blessed are the Wise and Brave, for in the Struggle they shall win – Cursed are the unfit for they shall be righteously exterminated.

Blessed are the sires of Noble Maidens, they are the salt of the earth – Cursed the mothers of strumous Tenderlings, for they shall be shamed.

Blessed are the mighty-minded for they shall ride the whirl-winds – Cursed are they who teach Lies for Truth, and Truth for Lies, for they are abomination.

Blessed are the unmerciful, their posterity shall own the world – Cursed are the pitiful for they shall receive no pity.

Blessed are the destroyers of idols, for they shall be feared by tyrants – Cursed are the famous Wiselings, their seed shall perish off the earth. Thrice cursed are the Vile for they shall serve and suffer.

Contrast this with an orthodox Sermonette, one that is repeated every seventh day in thousands of sacred sanctuaries by consecrated black-robed clericals, who have been specially trained from boyhood to weepfully, unctiously rehearse the same with upturned eyes and skillful snuffle or in classic diction, sounding, sonorous, nay! Sublime – as suits the occasion.
Dearly Beloved Brethren!!!
Gawd answers all who kneel and pray, is a Trewth accepted day by day. Behold! their bright and joyful lot, who’ve faith in what Christ Jesus taught!
If you’ve empty pockets and tables bare, demand ye not your natural share; that would be wrong; but, creep and sigh and ‘you’ll go to heaven when you die’.
For the meek and humble who obey, there’s a happy and far, far away; but a fearsome, fiery, brimstone pit, shall melt their marrow, who won’t – submit.
If foemen smite you on one cheek, turn round the other, tearful, meek; if perjured knaves your votes betray: come ‘wicked sinners’, kneel and –pray.
If Hebrews fleece and flay your hide, heaven’s gates for you, shall open wide; Christ your Shepherd, won’t lead astray, O! Lambs of God! come bleat and pray.”

– Might is Right – Ragnar Redbeard