About RedBeard Right

This is a far right website and unapologetically so. However, this site has nothing to do with national socialism. This website is not for basic bitch Hitler fan goys. We are white nationalists but not “alt right”. We are the real right. Our ideal is not some kind of socialism without brown people.

We are pragmatic realists. We embrace the nature of man and life itself. We recognize man for the aware beast that he is and have no desire to domesticate him into docility. We seek to deal with reality on its own terms! We have no interest in bewitching ourselves with fanciful Will-o’-the-wisp utopias.

We are the RedBeard Right. We do not indiscriminately concern ourselves with just any white person’s well being, we instead reserve our concern for the well-being of those Europeans we feel worth preserving a future for. We do not see society existing for its own sake, but for the sake of a higher type.

The RedBeard Right is politics from a more Nietzschean—Ragnar RedBeard perspective. The philosophy of power!

From the perspective of the (((globalist))) Empire of Nothing, we are dissidents and barbarian outsiders.

Our radical agenda is as follows:

  • Strength over weakness and degeneracy!
  • Aristocratic values over slave morality!
  • Thor over Christ!
  • Valhala over eternal peace!
  • Hierarchy instead of equality & mediocrity!
  • Eugenics instead of destructive indiscriminate breeding!
  • Aristocracy over plebeian rule!
  • Total freedom of association!
  • Independence over herd conformity!
  • Skepticism & Critical thinking over dogmatism!
  • Brutal honesty over cowardly self conceit!
  • Viriity over domestication!

This website is dedicated to the dissemination of The Philosophy of Power as articulated by Ragnar RedBeard and dissident thinkers.

To push back against the onslaught of anti European sentiments vomited forth by anti white bigots. To refute non sense wherever it be found, and to uphold the standard of the strong against the decadent last man ideologies of this age.

The mighty spirit of Thor must once again manifest within the virile son’s of thunder, if order is to be restored and venomous vipers vanquish.
He who would carve order into this chaos must be diamond hard, cruel, resolute and fearless, for softness assails not victoriously the treachery of our enemies.

“All men lead dishonorable lives who serve a master with hand or brain.
Life itself is but a spark in the gloom that flashes out and disappears. Why therefore not make the most of it here and now. Here and Now!
There is no “heaven of glory bright”, and no hell where sinners roast.

There is no Right, there is no Wrong – nor God – nor Son – nor Ghost.
Death endeth all for every man,
For every “son of thunder”:
Then be a Lion in the path;
And don’t be trampled under.
For us there is no rest, no Kingdom of Indolence, either on this earth or beyond the skies – no Isles of the Blest-no Elysian Fields,no Garden of the Hesperides.

No! No! All these magical legends are but fanciful waking dreams –

“fiction of mortals of yore.”
Here and now is our day of torment!

Here and now is our day of joy!

Here and now is our Opportunity –

to eat or to be eaten –

to be Lion or Lamb!

Here and now it is war to the knife –

no escape,no retreat.

Choose ye this day, this hour, for no Redeemer liveth!”

– Might is Right – Ragnar Redbeard