The Implosion of Propertarianism

This past 4th of July the Propertarians held an out door event in Richmond Virginia. The purpose of the event (as I understand it) was for the founder of Propertarianism (Curt Doolittle) to give a public speech and hold a public signIng of their declaration of reformation which was authored by Curt Doolittle himself. In case you wish to read it, I’ll link it here. The event wasn’t just for Propertarians but was conjoined with a second amendment civic nationalist group who called themselves “The VA Knights”. Apparently, this group likes to larp around with their firearms and play boogaloo dress up.

At some point during Curt’s speech some members of the Propertarian group decided to throw up a Roman solute, which caused some of the boogaloo militia larpers to decide that it would be a good idea to go get two black guys in BLM t-shirts and regale them with tales of racism. The civ nats returned to the area where Curt had been giving his speech and the Propertarian’s had been gathered. With the BLM guys in toe they came chanting “WACISM WHITE SUPREMACY!”. There is a good quality video of this incident I’ll link here.

Soon There after the armed second amendment dipshits escorted the BLM guys through the crowd to the steps where Curt had been giving his speech. When they approached Curt, he was sitting on the steps. They began their discussion which you can hear for yourself in the above linked video. At some point during the discussion with the BLM guys Curt purportedly pissed his pants, an event which has been since sensationalized and dubbed “PissGate”. See picture below. Brett Stevens of has recently made the point that this was more likely sweat that settled in the groin area.

In showing this picture it is not my intent to humiliate or demean or humiliated Curt in anyway, but merely to show how this pissgate controversy originated.

As seen in the above video during the discussion Curt told the black BLM guys that blacks were physically stronger than whites and had bigger dicks.

The BLM guys listened to Curt for a minute or 2, then asked if they could use Curt’s megaphone to address the crowd and he gave into their request. Of course, all of this caused major online back lash with the online white nationalist community, and indeed within the Propertarian community itself. When you take into consideration the so called pantie pissing, the complementing of black penis size and the surrendering of the megaphone to BLM, it’s no shocker that Curt is now seen as a cuck in many dissident right wing circles. Keep in mind that people came from all over the world to attend this right wing event, imagine their shock and abysmal horror as Curt handed the mic over to a group known for its Marxist origins, its violence against whites, and its anti white rhetoric. Imagine their amazement as Curt raised his fist in the air seemingly giving a show of solidarity with the BLM speakers and their message.

The optics of telling joggers they are Physically stronger and have bigger cocks and then handing them the mega phone is all bad. If one is knowingly being recorded they need to be cognizant of how what they are saying and doing will be perceived by those on their team. One also needs to think how what one is saying and doing can be used against them by one’s critics.

Indeed the online back lash from these incidences was so strong that John Mark the biggest and most effective disseminator of Propertarian thought has just deleted his entire YouTube channel which had garnered 100 thousand subscribers and millions of views along with all of his social media accounts. It is clear that he has allowed his online existence to be meme’d into obliteration.

So! What can we learn from this cautionary tale? It is clear to me that this event was poorly planned and was slapped together in only a few weeks.
Also, it wasn’t a smart idea to have an event which included boomertier civic nationalists who larp a great deal, but will toss you under the bus to virtue signal to the anti white mob how not wacist they are.
Ironically, a short time later they too were tossed under the proverbial bus by some in the black community who accused them of being crypto white supremacists. It just goes to show, that virtue signaling to the left is not only disgusting and cowardly behavior but it won’t give you the response you desire. If you are white and the slightest bit right, it doesn’t matter how much you betray your own people, you are a racist nazi and white supremacist. That’s how they see it, and it doesn’t matter how hard you virtue signal that you are inline with the leftists herd’s egalitarian ideology. So own it, make it a heavy metal song and mosh to it. They run the media and just about everything else. You are whatever they say you are…

Bottom line! NEVER do events with what I call “delusional rainbow children” (DRC) they will sell you out and sabotage everything you do. They are simply incapable of dealing with reality on its own terms and they are too afraid to actually conserve anything. They are at best effectively anti white.

Their minds are deranged by christer egalitarian ideals that can never be actualized. This group incapsulates a lot of separate groups, civic nationalists, communists, ancaps, libertarians, voluntarists etc. They may all be distinct in many ways but they all share one underlying ideology. Egalitarian delusions and equality asylums. They all share the Christian ideal of “peace on earth”, universalist garbage that is a denial of the very essence of life, which is – Der Wille Zur Macht. Their ideologies are based on a venomous denial of human nature and evolution. As secularized as they all may be, the above mentioned isms share one common source… Christian slave morality. Their ideologies and values are merely modern off shoots of the slave revolt that took place 2 millennia ago with the invention of Christianity (covered this revolt in a previous article).

FYI: Don’t know if Hitler actually said this.

What else can we learn?
Personally, if I were Propertarian leadership, I’d try to set up a joint indoor event with Jared Taylor, because a lot of people on the “winning right” like and respect him, and he has a lot of wisdom and experience. Perhaps they could glean from him some proper techniques for planning and implementing successful events. Who knows?? They might even be able to pull him over to Propertarian ideas if explained to him in a John Mark kinda way. Win someone with the credibility of Jared, and people on the dissident right will flock to you like flies to shit. The trick to winning the herd, isn’t only to try and convince them directly, but to convince someone the herd respects, who they see as “authoritative”. Then work your way up to outdoor events.

But Curt would need to stop counter signaling the dissident right. It is clearly not a good idea to make an enemy of us. We are very good at meme-ing things into oblivion, and while many of us are hyper critical, many of us are still very good allies. I try to remain objective and not get too sucked into the negative meme waves that pop up from time to time.

Meme waves can be fun (which is part of the problem) but they can be inaccurate depictions of people’s actual positions (over simplifications), which can be destructive and counter—productive toward particular ends. All the lower iq people get caught in these waves because they fail to use their brains to thoroughly investigate a person’s views themselves (intellectual honesty) or in this case, the subtle nuances of a particular event. They just see a funny meme train, and hop on board, not realizing they may be slandering something that could prove conducive to their goals. Don’t get me wrong, there is usually at least some truth in every meme, but it is problematic when people take them too seriously and too literally. (When they condemn rather than make construct criticism). Sure, the event had some problems, but it’s not as bad as some would have you believe. It’s not the end of the world, and it shouldn’t necessarily be the end of Propertarianism. ( After all, Propertarianism is a set of propositions which can be true or false, a collection of arguments which can be valid or invalid. Propertarianism isn’t simply an event that went cucky.)

Memes are most often just marketing gimmicks, but they are effective, and we need them on our side. Memes are like marching orders for the mindless herd, they are like telling the dogs to “sick em!”. And they will mindlessly sick em every time, if the meme is right, because they are just dumb pack animals. Very few people in this world have any real agency. This is at least partially why memes and advertising agencies exist in the first place. They direct the mindless many where they are wanted. Any effective modern aristocracy needs to have an adequate understanding of memes and marketing because they need to be able to effectively direct the herd. The herd is the age old problem every aristocracy has had to contend with. We must be good cowboys! I know that John Mark understands this. Marketing means everything when dealing with the herd. Unfortunately, the damage that the event caused (that could have been avoided) has already been done, and you must learn from this. There are only 2 kinds of people in this world, the players, and the chess pieces. The hunter and the hunted. The players, and those who get played.

Is the Propertarian movement dead? It certainly looks that way. But if it isn’t dead, it is certainly in needs of Medicaid.

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  1. What John Mark has going for him is that he managed to keep himself anonymous. Using the element of surprise he can make a come-back with a difference speaker, maybe call it Resoprocity this time, several letters were written to King George before the final decoration.

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