Nick The Knife Savages Conservative Ink

I must say, I am very impressed with Nick Fuentes and his ‘groypers’ and the fine work they’ve been doing lately. They’ve been asking some very poignant strategic questions at TPUSA events, namely the one that took place last night at Florida State university which I’ve linked here.

They have also utterly powned based eye patch man at one of his events recently which I’ve linked here for thy enjoyment. 

They are earning a place on the ‘winning right’ by exposing conservative ink for its failure to actually conserve anything. I have heard that they have been able to summon up to 80 or so ‘groypers’ into each TPUSA event so as to monopolize the Q&A sessions. During each Q&A America Firsters asked questions ranging from Israel and foreign policy to mass immigration. Strategic booing was also successfully employed. At one event, Trump Jr’s girlfriend accused booing groypers of being ‘Incells’ which resulted in her and Trump Jr getting booed off stage. During another event Kirk accused questioners of being wacist for asking questions pertaining to Non white immigration. Charlie even accused them of having ‘anti Semitic motives‘ for questioning his allegiance to Israel. The question was a strategic success because it exposed Kirk as just another neo con Zionist shill. In the mind of a neo con, to even ponder whether the United States should give Israel over 3.8 billion dollars a year, or whether we should allow Jews to have dual citizenship is… You guessed it! ANTISEMETIC. Of course, name calling isn’t a cogent argument.

A few notable commentators on the more mainstream right like Michelle Malkin have also chimed in criticizing Charlie Kirk concerning immigration and other pertinent issues facing today’s global-homo America.

As to these pseudo conservatives, they think America is nothing more than one big mall ‘Mall of America’ and their overlords depend upon a continual influx of low iq herd animals to purchase cheap imported plastic trinkets and to buy into their vacuous ‘American dream’.

They think that America is little more than an ‘idea’ and that all people are interchangeable consumers. All they care about is the national gdp and tax breaks, and a steady stream of non white low wage serfs for their donors.

They are cowards, who hide behind ‘based negro‘ props like Candice Owens so as to appear what the left defines as “politically correct”.

Kirk, Shapiro, Crenshaw these and those of their ilk are all cringe worthy neo con hacks. They claim to be for free speech and yet they use leftist slander tactics and call for actual right wingers to be deplatformed. These grotesque posers allow trannies, fags, and other degenerates into their so called ‘conservative’ movement so they can virtue signal to the left how “tolerant” and ”progressive” they are. If these people are conservatives, then conservatism is meaningless. The mainstream American right has spent decades prostrating themselves before leftist slave morality and they assume many of the left’s value premises (equality = good etc) because they are by nature leftists. They accuse their detractors of being “ethno nationalists” (As if that were a bad thing) all the while brown nosing the state of Israel which itself is an ethno state. Nick Fuentes and his America First movement are doing a stellar job at exposing these Israel first shills. I urge you all to subscribe to his YouTube channel linked here.

I believe Nick and his ‘groyper’ army will be crashing the last colledge TPUSA event scheduled tonight in North Carolina, so follow Nick Fuentes on DLive. Linked here.

Obviously as a member of the RedBeard Right I do not agree with everything Nick and his movement stands for. They are overwhelming Christian, but in many ways I do see them as fellow travelers. No one is perfect. If Young zoomers like “Nick The Knife Fuentes” are a sign as to what is to come, then I’m very excited to see how this cultural civil war will unfold over the next year or so. Nick is a strategic genius, and it is important that we support him anyway we can.

Wotan is king! Hail Thor! Hail victory!

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