An Ode To The Mighty Thor

Let thy will burst forth with a resounding YES to life 

and a ravenous NO to Christer down going! 

Imitate Thor! Despise the pathetic crucified worm! 

Repudiate the toxic slave morality 

of eastern utopian fantasists. 

The Semitic spider has cast his sticky web, 

From enumerable corpses he hath fed.

To thine own self be true—to the Truth alone be wed! 

If ye must have a god, 

let him be virile and courageous! 

Let his lust for strength and nobility be contagious. 

Thor! The mighty god of thunder! 

The warrior god of strength and courage. 

Thor! The epitome of power itself—of will to power! 

Reject the self abasing, 

life denying ideology of this putrid age! 

Become a son of thunder! 

Know thy enemy—unchain thy rage! 

Let thy foe no longer plunder! 

Unleash the beast! 

Fight and feast! 

Be ye Lion! 

Not a Lamb! 

Thor’s distain is reserved for the cowardly throngs 

who glorify weakness and wallow in degeneracy.

He smiles on the brave but guffaws at the fool.

He awaits on distant battlefields for those 

with the bold un apologetic will to join him in conquest.  

His grand mead halls are open to all—

who delight in danger and endless war. 

For existence itself is ceaseless battle 

and death is eternal peace. 

Valhalla is vital existence 

and Heaven is to cease. 

‪If our people are to survive this constant onslaught of invading hordes and nihilistic decadence, the Viking age must commence again. The courage and virility of Wotan and Thor must reawaken within our racial soul. Decide this day, that it will be either victory or Valhalla! ‬

Hail The Mighty Thor! Hail Strength! Hail our people!

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