Gilroy Gunman Shared Our Facebook Post?

Recently Three people were killed, at some Garlic Festival in Gilroy CA. The Gunman (Santino William Legan) allegedly cut through a fence to avoid security and opened fire killing a 6-year-old boy, a 13-year-old girl, and wounded 12 other people.

Reportedly before going on his shooting rampage Mr. Legan shared one of our Facebook posts and thus I have been asked to make a statement.

1. I did not know Mr. Legan and therefore don’t know to what extent (if any) he shared our ideological commitments. It is my understanding that at this time the FBI has not definitively determined his politics or his motives. This fact of course, isn’t enough to keep the Jewish run mainstream media from calling him a “white supremacist” and assigning any motive that suits (((their))) anti white agenda.

2. We at the RedbeardRight do not disavow his actions but we are not responsible for the actions of those who read our posts. We do not encourage our readers to commit violence.

3. We do not condone what he did, his actions contributed nothing to our cause of white well being. His actions were strategically stupid. His untimely demise has not accomplished anything of value. He wasted his life instead of using it to do something constructive and rational that could have actually benefited our movement. Going out in a blaze of glory, killing random un armed civilians does nothing to slow the ever encroaching demise of European civilization. Killing people who have no power to make law or set policy is about as useful as a box of rocks.

4. And finally, while we do not condone his actions, no one can truthfully say that his actions were performed out of cowardice. I find it implausible to believe that Mr. Legan didn’t know that his violent actions would, or very possibly could result in his own death. This means that his actions took courage, that he died for what he believed in. It takes zero “skin in the game” to be an arm chair critic, but it takes true grit and heart to intentionally die for what you believe. I can’t say “my heart goes out to the families of the victims” because I don’t know them and that would be disingenuous. For all I know they could be members of the anti white mob who would wish harm upon people like myself.

However, I will say that it is a shame that young innocent lives were taken by Mr. Legan for no good reason.

It is a shame to see a 19 yr old boy waste his only existence on bad strategy.

No one deserves to die. “Deserve” is just a human invention. People just get what they get and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

RIP Santino.

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