Cantwell and John Mark On Propertarianism & Civil war

Just listened to Cantwell’s most recent episode of The Radical Agenda with John Mark. I find myself asking how much more disgusting and vile this country must become before the average right winger has had enough? What will be the last straw? At what point does a critical mass of right wing folks get so fed up that they decide to resort to civil war?

How docile and weak has the modern right become? And does their docility have any limits?

. Clearly murdering 9 month old babies isn’t enough.

. Gun regulations aren’t enough.

. The left brainwashing kids to reject their own biological sex and to take sterilizing hormones isn’t enough.

. Drag queen story time isn’t enough.

. Fag parades marching through Main Street USA isn’t enough.

. Censorship and discrimination of conservatives on social media.

And masked violent left wing anarchists roam are treats.

Republicans are such cucks and sell outs! They’ll do anything to not be called a racist. They’ll give their daughters over to non whites, allow their genetic futures to be mongrelized and hide behind a few “based-negro” props if they think it’ll help them stave off the accusation.

Republican congressman John Boehner and black son in law.

They’ll cuck farther and farther left until there is no real substantive distinction between them and the Democrat party. This is what Republicans have done time after time. They are not men! They are cowardly dogs who cower over mere words.

Republicans are concerned with being “righteous” instead of actually being victorious. This is one of the reasons why the Republican Party is the losing right. Stop worrying about what is “moral” and start doing what works. There is no good or evil, there are only winners and losers. Until and unless they come to understand this, they will never be the winning right.

“Few there are who dare walk the shifting surfaces of the Milky Way; few are born to voyage against the North Star. Wreak your soul on life. Use your powers. Never question whether they are moral. Once you put the question you are already weak.” – DeCasseres, Chameleon: Being a Book of My Selves, p.105.

John Mark thinks civil war will breakout when the right can no longer win elections. Is the cowardice and docility of the average American man boundless? Or are there violations and indignities that he is willing to fight and risk his life to vanquish?
What do ye think? Listen to the episode linked in this post and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Check out a YouTube channel called Forward Observer who did a response video to the John Mark video. Forward Observer is a man named Samuel Culper a descendant of the Revolutionary War, Culpeper spy ring. Samuel in his own right was an Army Intel analyst in Iraq I think and refutes much of what John Mark said as far as the right easily winning a civil conflict. Samuel did a few videos following up on the topic of a Civil War again.

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