No Ma’am!

“A woman is two-thirds womb. The other third is a network of nerves and sentimentality. To “emancipate” her is to hand her over to the tender mercies of clerics, who have learned to “play” upon her emotionalism.”

– Might is Right – Ragnar Redbeard

Giving children too much freedom is not kindness but a lack of concern for their well-being. Children are notorious for wanting to do things that are determental to themselves and others. Children are creatures of the moment, they give little thought concerning the potential consequences that their actions may entail. Children have relatively poor impulse control, and their brains do not have a sufficient capacity to reason properly. Children will o.d. on sugar if allowed, and will neglect dental health to the point of tooth loss. Giving a child absolute freedom may seem like a “nice thing to do” to a naive simpleton, but as any experienced responsible parent will tell you, it is actually a form of neglect.

In the same way, If the instinctual drives of women go unchecked, they obliterate civilizations. If women are allowed to choose, harems emerge, 3rd world barbarians invade, and nations hemorrhage vital resources. On a very basic instinctual level, women care relatively little about their tribe, their nation, or civilization. It is simply not in their nature to do so. This less than a century—long—experiment of gender equality has proven disastrous to Western civilization and even Woman herself. White birth rates have plummeted, welfare programs have become un sustainable, Europe and America are overpopulated by milllions of non white refuse.

The damage done to the West may be irreparable. The only viable solution may be to punch that reset botton and to institute a kind of “White shariah”. Women  have never been the builders of any of the essential cornerstones of civilization. They have never en mass given their lives on the battle field as countless men have, nor are they physically constituted to do so. Should this thin veneer of modernity be ripped away to reveal the true state of nature, men will abandon any silly sappy notions of equality, and do what must be done. Women are not, and can never be responsible for maintaining the edifices of civilization. This is true of every civilization throughout history.

Time and again, woman throughout history have shown that they are swift to seek the fruits of men they feel are more dominant, regardless of whether doing so is deleterious to their own tribe or nation.

Woman have a nurturing instinct. This motherly altruistic instinct of care is a beautiful thing when focused toward her offspring, tribe, nation, or husband. But this instinct is extremely destructive when directed toward an out-group. In general, woman don’t have the temperment to draw the dividing line of who is “us” and who is “them”. Women by nature tend toward inclusivity and agreeableness, while men naturally tend toward hierarchy, territoriality, aggression, and exclusivity. It is essential for a group’s survival that someone draw the distinction between who is in, and who is out, who or what is conducive, and who or what is bad and destructive to the interests of the group.

Men have an instinct to protect, maintain, and conserve resources. Women tend to put intuition first, and men are typically more reasonable. Men are simply more psychologically equipped to set aside their emotions and make the tough choices that are necessary for an in-group’s well-being.

If a woman does not have children and a husband of her own, she is prone to what I call “Mother Merkel Syndrome”, she will channel all her motherly drives into her out group, even at the expense of her own group. This is also sometimes true of women with children.

I have a slightly older sister who is like this. Years back, she took in a Daca kid from Honduras. She even allowed this young so called “dreamer” to sleep with her own teenaged daughters in her own home. Now, her youngest daughter who is 17, is pregnant by this young man. He can do no ill in her eyes, and she perceives any criticism of him and his behavior as if it were an attack on her own child. She feels he has a “right” to be here because he was brought here as a child, and that it would therefore be “immoral” to send him back to Honduras. I pointed out that because of entitled daca brats like him, whites will soon be a minority. I asked why he should be white America’s responsibility just because his mother chose to break our laws by bringing him here illegally?

I asked how allowing him to stay here is not incentizing more of his kind to flood our borders? She retorted by saying that she didn’t care if whites become a minority, or even if we were utterly genetically replaced. And that thinking about such things was “racist” and “futile”.

Women are also generally easier to manipulate as women have a rather strong inbuilt need for group acceptance or “going with the flow”. Women fear being labeled a social periah while conversely men are more likely to remain resolute in a position if they believe it to be rational and correct.

Inspite of the massive increase in rapes in Sweden, and Germany, caused by desert dindu’s, women in these countries overwhelmingly vote for the parties and politicians responsible for the importation of these violent mud people. And they will continue to do so as long as their virtue signaling is well received by the media and their ideologically blind peers. And as long as European and American men stand idly by and do nothing. Women in general will not go against established left wing globalist norms set forth by political muppets and corporate elites. How many more child rapes need to be offered up to the false gods of equality, and inclusion, before men of the West grow some balls and smash these un clean idols??

Giving women the ability to vote was one of the biggest most costly blunders American men ever committed. Anyone who can’t see this at this point, is a bombling fool. Women are simply not invested in America to the degree that men are. They can’t be! The modern woman is little more than a spoiled, self entitled, self centered child, who needs to be put back in the kitchen. She has all of the freedom men have (if not more) but hardly any of the responsibility.

Granting woman political equality may soon prove to be the electoral demise of the Rebublican Party. The United States may, in the very near future become effectively a one—party—State. Woman get pregnant, men don’t. Before and after giving birth a woman is volnerable and in need of extra care. A man can run off and shirk his responsibility to his children, but this is not so easy in the woman’s case. Thus, it follows, if for no other reason, a woman is more likely to desire an expansive social welfare state. This is one more reason woman as a demographic vote disproportionately left, and thereby contribute to the decline of the West.

It has been said that “Good times create weak men, Weak men create hard times”.

But I think it more accurate to say, “Virile men build civilization. Civilization creates easy times, easy times create soft men, soft men allow woman to destroy civilization.”

So the question remains. Are western men virile enough to put western women in their place? Or will they continue to ask “Mother may I”?

Woman are children, and as with children, if they were held to the same standards as men, they’d die! Woman are dependents and always will be. A woman only has freedom to the extent the men in her society are willing and able to provide her.

I have heard it said that in this modern age a woman no longer needs a man, but the fact remains, woman need men to perform all the tough dirty jobs she is either un willing or unable to perform.

Any woman with half a brain should recognize feminism for the putrid poisonous lie that it is, and reject it outright.

Like the child who wants to eat nothing but candy for breakfast, the Modern Woman is nothing but a spoiled brat who wants all the power but none of the responsibility. She wants to have her cake and eat it to. And like a spoiled child, she will never be satisfied and will always demand more.

Feminists will find these statements repulsive, but the fact remains that women on average are mentally and physically inferior to men, and pretending that they are equal is asinine. Ignoring reality is destructive not only to women, but to white well being.

The founders of America did not grant woman political equality with white male land owners. And it is now abundantly clear to anyone not ideologically blind why that is.

learn to say “No ma’am!”.

4 thoughts on “No Ma’am!

  1. On the subject of feminism and masculinity, please go give this atrocious video a dislike. It is already being ratioed to hell, but the more the merrier. I will never buy their products again. Big corporations adhering to far left dogma proves that there is no “right wing conspiracy” there is only left wing dogma which capitalism has bowed the knee to. Fuck ‘em all.

    1. I forgot to post the video it looks like, or rather, it didn’t post the link when I tried. Well, the video I was trying to link was the new Gillette add, and it looks like it’s been taken down due to the blowback. But plenty of people have torn it to pieces already anyway…..still… hell with anyone who uses the term “toxic masculinity.”

    2. Nevermind, still up apparently:

      Awful shit. Being told you are “evil” just because you are a man. It’s gonna get to a point where being “masculine” is arbitrarily seen as a mental illness by “psychiatrists” who happen to be far left moral dogmatists. Again, nothing is inherently good or evil, only thinking makes it so…..

  2. >If women are allowed to choose, harems emerge
    I can understand that female choice could be considered bad. But if you build a philosophy around masculinity, immorality and rationality, you have to see harem formation as a natural result. Men (especially viril ones) are equipped and desire to impregnate several women.

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