Asinine (((Christian Identity))) talking points rebutted

These CI drones all parrot the same old tired refuted talking points, not an original thinker among them.
Now, let me make this crystal clear. I’m not “in fighting”, I’m not alt right, I’m RedBeard Right. As far as I’m concerned CHristian identity folks are not in my in-group, they are Christ chucks, and in my view, they are leftists to the degree to which they adhere to Christian morality.
Yes, I am an atheist, but I take no issue with Nordic pagans because they are not slave moralists, and they embrace a kind of noble warrior culture and master morality.
Master morality is what is needed most in this modern age, because it makes one strive for greatness, and it makes one impervious to bad conscience.

Now, here is my response:
Christianity is a bookish religion. Like Old Testament Judaism a religion of the book. It is a religion defined by its founding text. The founding text was written by Jews, even the teaching style in which the Jewish character Yeshua (Jesus) taught, was rabbinical, which is Jewish.
Paul himself who wrote much of the NT was a Pharisee and his teaching style reflects this. Christianity doesn’t purport to be a new religion. It purports to be a reformation of Judaism, a fulfillment of Judaism of what Christians today call “The Old Testament”.
If it wasn’t, the Christian Bible wouldn’t contain the Jewish scriptures (OT).
Christianity as articulated by the Christian holy book is Jewish. But it is Judaism universalized to all men even those of non Jewish blood.
When I say that Christianity is Jewish, I mean that it was created by those of Jewish blood, it has a Jewish God-man. It’s ideas were formulated by Jews.
This is a historic fact.
Yes, Jesus was critical of the Pharisees, what’s your point? Jesus was still a Jew.
All Pharisees are jews, not all Jews were Pharisees. I am referring to a race, and a set of values when I say “Jewish”. Christianity as articulated by the NT is universalist, is slave morality which employs the psychological control mechanism known as “bad conscience”.

You are in no position to educate me on this topic, I have a very extensive background in biblical theology, apologetics, evangelism, and textual criticism.
Christianity is just Jewish universalism for gentiles.

“Muh golden age when we wuz barbarians before the beta Christians made us become feminists…

“Christianity made Europe great. The man-bun and skinny jeans set of modern Europe are mostly progressives and “secular humanists.”

Actually, humanism and progressivism are derived from Christian slave morality. It is merely Christianity without the Gawd as Nietzsche pointed out. I could elaborate further, but since I have done this extensively else where. And since Prof Hughes has done so in his book Neo-Nihilism: the philosophy of power, I’m not going to do so extensively here.

“Christianity didn’t sap the testosterone out of Europe.”

Actually it did, through socio-political liberalism and bad conscience I.e “white guilt” and its universalization of altruism. Before Christianity showed up, Europe had what is known as aristocratic values, and Europeans were only altruistic toward their own kind. But then Christianity came along and said “for god so loved the world” and to bring this gospel of “love” and redemption to the entire world.
It demonized pride, and exulted humility. It inverted master morality.
In liberal progressive slave morality, we see that having a victim status grants one social status and capital. This is because in slave morality, only the down trodden one’s, the humble, the weak, the meek, the degenerate, the disadvantage are virtuous. This was carried over from Christianity. This is why we see white people who identify as black, and why we see so many identity as “trans”.
In slave morality the masters become “evil” and the slave becomes “good”. Hence, Christians were at the forefront of abolishing slavery. In fact, the writer of the song “amazing grace” was a Calvinist Christian and an abolitionist.
Hence modern slave moralists are all about “social justice” and reparations. Reparations are a way of attempting to atone for something, atonement or “at-one-ment” is a very Christian idea. It is something one does in an attempt to appease bad conscience. A sense of being in debt for some action.
In master morality, privilege, wealth, conquest are all deemed good and in slave morality these are all an evil. Hence in liberal progressive culture equality is a virtue and white cis male privilege is sinful. Christian slave morality and its modern incarnations are based in resentment of the powerful, the wealthy, the successful. (See Democratic socialists like Bernie Sanders.)

“It tamed and refined it into the monolith we remember today. Sure, some of the pagan chieftains converted for political advantage, but the embrace of Christianity in the soul of Europe is self-evident.”

It did nothing of the sort. What is noble and has been noble of the European subspecies has persisted in spite of Christianity, not because of it.

“The pagans would still be sacrificing each other and doing rain dances and losing their minds to syphilis. It’s easy to yearn for the “golden age” of being knuckle draggers from the comfort of an air conditioned home; in a relatively polite society where some free speech still exists…”

As an atheist I agree that worshipping dirt is silly, as an I-Theist, I find the idea of worshipping anything grotesque and stultifying, but worshipping a crucified Jew is even worse in my view. A sickness, a slave pox that must be stamp out.

“Without Christianity, we wouldn’t have stopped worshipping dirt and raping and murdering each other long enough to come up with such grand ideas.”

No, with Christianity we have bad conscience slave morality and pathological altruism. Christianity is one of the factors that caused the mess of modernity. Under Christianity Europeans have killed one another over different interpretations of the Jewish text (the Bible) and to abolish slavery.

But there is another fatal flaw with Christianity… it happens to be non sense. There is no evidence for the God of the Bible, and the Bible itself is full of contradictions.
Christianity is not only a lie, but a destructive one for Europeans, and any other race which adopts its slave values (see South American chatholics who have adopted socialism and communism).
If ye are looking for truth, you won’t find it in Christianity.

And finally.

“Imagine dedicating yourself to the ancient tradition of your ancestors to find truth, but being so ignorant that you criticize Christianity using an English word like “jew” which is less than 300 years old.”

The word “Jew” derives from the word “Ioudaios” which is found in the Greek NT and is therefore a lot older than 300 yrs. Try at least 2’000 yrs. News flash dipshit. The tribe of Judah are not your ancestors if you don’t have Jewish blood. 


The prosecution rests. I present exhibit A. Christian Identity is a last ditch desperate attempt to hang onto a Jewish religion by claiming Jebus was Thor and Wotan was a Redheaded “judaite” step child. Now, I’ve seen it all my friends. 

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